Georgia Tetlow, MD

Georgia Tetlow, MD

“Lance is my personal business coach, and bringing him on was one of the best decisions I have made as a business owner. As a physician, I need good advice from someone who knows me and has perspective. I don’t have a lot of extra time. Lance was available, offered clear responses to my questions, as well as an experienced, realistic perspective on marketing, strategy and practice development. He helped me to think collaboratively, so that my staff is truly a team and we are working together. His marketing approach and coaching is extremely effective, and we had a new stream of patients almost immediately. If you have the opportunity to work with Lance, do it. “

Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter acupuncturist

I have had an acupuncture practice in Lakewood Ranch, Florida now for 8 years and have been at the point where I really needed to expand but I have been completely frozen in fear due to some terrible hiring decisions I made in the past which cost me financially, mentally and emotionally. I googled “acupuncture business coaches” and looked at the practices of the coaches out there and noticed that Lance’s practice looked exactly like how I had been envisioning mine to look one day. I’ve heard it said before that if you want to achieve anything in life that the best short cut is to find someone who has already accomplished what you are after and to learn from them so I knew I had to give him a call. We clicked immediately and I felt comfort right away knowing that he knew the path to lead me down that would help me hire the correct staff and practitioners. We’ve been working together for only a couple of months now but I have already successfully hired an amazing practitioner with his guidance. Now I will be able to step back, see less patients and focus more of the expansion of my dream. Other than that, he is teaching me things that I never even thought of and working with him has already accelerated the growth of my business and expanded my vision. Not only is Lance super business savvy, but he is kind, compassionate and hilarious! He has a great personality to go with his brilliant business mind and I am so grateful to have found him. I know that I am well on my way to achieving the practice of my dreams and he is holding my hand every step of the way. If you are looking for a business coach to grow your practice then look no further. I thank my lucky stars I found Lance and find the information I am learning from him to be completely invaluable!

business coaching therapist

Pamela Pressman, LPC
Relationship Therapist

Relocating to the Main Line after a 25-year established practice in NJ required some support. As a therapist, my expertise is neither in business, nor in technology or social media.

I hired Lance after meeting several other wellness practitioners who highly recommended him. I was struck by his kindness and generosity from our initial meeting. After hearing about my business and learning a bit about my personality, he provided me with information I could begin utilizing immediately. The scope of his knowledge is vast. I knew he would be someone I wanted to have a long-term business relationship with.

The process of working with Lance has been a pure joy. His calm, reassuring and patient demeanor was exactly what I needed as I learned new skills out of my wheelhouse. His expertise in business and marketing strategy is thorough and sound. I look forward to seeing the growth in my practice as a result of the work we have done together. I will continue to work with Lance as my business evolves over time. I can’t recommend Lance highly enough.”

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Kathryn Nemirovsky , L.Ac.

“Lance is amazing! In a very short time he has helped me to greatly improve my rankings on Google. Not only did he give my website and Google Places listing the individual attention they required, but he also patiently explained the world of SEO to me so that I can be empowered to make some improvements on my own. I am not a "techie," but now I feel so much smarter about these things. Thank you, Lance!”

Rachel Kriger, Acupuncturist

Rachel Kriger, L.Ac.

“I knew I was ready to promote my acupuncture business, and I just did not know what to do that would be successful. Lance helped me in so many ways. Most important, he provided the clarity and support that I needed to prioritize the key tasks would be effective and worth my time.
He also helped me improve the design of my website, Facebook page and flyers. And he taught me how to maintain in all. It was a pleasure to have his cheerful presence guiding me and encouraging me to reach my goals, and I did.”

Jill Maddock

Lance is a master at inspiring personal organization and priorities of my own as well as my staff. His coaching has helped us to evolve our practice systems; how to organize, prepare for and learn from meetings, best assess staff and staffing needs, as well as clarify staff roles. He has been immensely helpful in creating our website design and developing and implementing our marketing plan. Evolving Your Practice Business Systems and Coaching has enabled our company to grow and thrive in an effortless and very productive way. Lance listens well, and asks the important questions that have led us to focus on our mission and vision. Lance is intelligent, sensitive, compassionate and very effective. He has allowed us to remain focused on what we do best–support and inspire our patients to feel better!

Lynda Sherland, Integrative Nurse Practitioner

Lynda Sherland

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Lance. He has continued to encourage me and help me find ways to build my business. He has also helped me find confidence within my self to promote myself more and more. He has helped me reach inside and encouraged me to stretch and grow both personally and professionally. He is so helpful with social media and helping me learn new techniques for reaching potential clients. I would highly recommend Lance as a coach. He is gentle, kind, and loving in his approach.”

Ron Kravitz, Musician

Ron Kravitz

“What I quickly discovered about Lance was his inherent possession of a positive and joyful nature, which made and makes him a pleasure to work with!
He made himself available to me every day, even when he was across the country, he would return my calls or send emails in response to my needs.
I also found him to be diligent, energetic, supportive, whimsical, practical, enthusiastic, resourceful, knowledgeable, playful, trustworthy, dedicated, gentle, savvy, big hearted, insightful, patient and a “has your back” kind of guy. Much Love & Gratitude to Lance for mentoring me in the ongoing process!”

Clare Abercrombie

“Working with Lance has been an incredible experience. Lance’s innovative and creative ideas helped to grow our practice tenfold. He is a forward thinking marketing consultant with intuitive ideas and a real knowledge of social media. We are lucky to have him on our team as a consultant and have seen significant growth because of his presence. On a person note, Lance is incredibly supportive, highly-responsive and I view him as a true innovator. If you are considering a marketing consultant or want to increase revenue, I highly recommend working with Lance, he is a real gem!”