How to help potential patients find you - a quick guide to marketing fundamentals

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Learn how implementing a few foundational marketing strategies ensures your visibility to potential patients.

Whether you are just starting your practice or have an established holistic business there are some foundational marketing building blocks that should be in place.

Update Your Contact Info in Key Places

Often overlooked, this simple step is a must in our digital and social media environment. These links, references, profiles, and pages draw attention to your brand and can bring in new patients. Make sure your name, email, phone number, and all URLs are updated in the following areas:

  1. Email signature

  2. Your website, contact page, and links to social media handles

  3. Social Media Pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  4. Online local business listings: If you are looking for a new dentist, and you don't have any personal referrals, what do you do? - I typically search google and seek out reviews. How about you?


Setting up a GOOGLE Local Account Visit   This will also add a your business to Waze - the popular GPS app. 

    • Setting up a BING Local Account
      Visit and follow instructions.


Setting up an APPLE MAPS Local Account Visit and follow instructions.

    • Setting up a YELP Local Account
      Visit and follow instructions.

Word of Mouth is Still King

Word of mouth. You hear this advice from everyone right? And its true, there is no better marketing than word of mouth. Word of mouth works because people have benefited from your services so much, that they are compelled to tell others about it. 

My question is how do we encourage word of mouth marketing? Here are some ideas I implement in my practice:

  1. Acknowledge and Reward those who Refer
    I expresses my gratitude to everyone who refers to me. I have done this through thank you emails, thank you notes, thank you gifts (flowers, gift certificates, etc). Note: I don’t tell people upfront that I offer these gifts because I want referrals to be as authentic as possible.

  2. Ask for Google or Yelp Reviews
    When a patient has a great experience with you, ask if they would mind sharing it with the public in the form of a review. In my opinion, reviews are the online version of word of mouth. You can make a regular practice of asking your patients to leave a review google or yelp. Note: yelps tends to hides reviews (even legit ones).

Community Marketing: Get involved in your local area

Supporting your local community can build awareness while helping your neighbors and other local businesses. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Walk The town and introduce yourself to the owners and employees of local businesses. Ask them if they would like to leave their card in your waiting room. Have your own cards handy too incase they ask.

  • Run a fundraiser for your community. Think about who your ideal client is and make a fundraising event just for a cause that may interest them. Fo example you could organize a special day where a percantage of income goes towards a great local cause.

  • Talk your walk by engaging in public talks.
    Prepare a 20 minute talk or demonstration and share it for free in the community. Hold the talk where your ideal patients hang out. It could be at a local library, Natural Food Stores, Community Education Programs, local networking groups, local businesses (integrative docs, chiropractors, yoga centers, wellness centers, gyms, etc.). 

  • Participate in health fairs: Health or local fairs are a wonderful way to promote your practice. If done well they can be an exceptional place to build your practice

  • Other holistic business relationships: Think about where your ideal patients hang out and form relationships with these businesses. For example local Doctors, Chiropractors, Yoga Studios, Gyms, coffee shops, cafes, natural food stores, etc.

Want more support? Want me do just do it for you?

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How to stand out to potential patients - a quick guide to developing your niche

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Learn how narrowing the focus of your business articulates your value and makes you discoverable to your ideal patients.

Hi everyone!

Getting clear on your passions and innate abilities can set you apart and help draw your ideal patients to you.

Heres an example: One of my coaching clients, an awesome physician, currently provides her patients with full, hour-long sessions that include in-depth diagnostics and deep listening, a rarity in her field.

She realized her niche after hearing her patients express how grateful they are to get such in-depth attention and deep listening.

This aha moment led to making her extended sessions, and deep attentiveness, a core functionality of her practice and mission. Patients that are frustrated because they don’t feel heard by their doctors seek her out because of her unique offering to the community.

So how do you set yourself apart? Grab a notebook and answer these 3 questions***:

  1. What are your innate talents and top skills that you have developed?

  2. What problems can you help solve?

  3. What is unique about your offerings compared to your colleagues?

Look through the answers to the questions above. Draw out the common themes to help you simply and effectively articulate your niche.

I want to hear about it! so please shoot me a line and let me know what you came up with!


Want more support? Want to brainstorm and clarify your niche with me?

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*** In case its helpful, here are my answers to the questions:

  1. What are your innate talents or top skills that you have developed?
    I have been a holistic practitioner for over 20 years and an entrepreneur for as long as I remember. Over the years I have opened numerous wellness practices. Lots of business education along with trial and error has led to my development of business skills. I also happen to love all the aspects of developing and running a business. And love sharing this with others.

  2. What problems can you help solve?
    So many of my colleagues are holistic practitioners who are absolutely passionate about the wok they do in helping others feel their best. Many of them have very little business experience and training, nor do they have much interest in business. They just want to do the work they love. Unfortunately most practitioners to also be a business person. With a deep understanding of the business of holistic medicine, I can help my peers with education and proven systems that they can easily implement into their practices.

  3. What is unique about your offerings compared to your colleagues? My years of experience being an acupuncturist, healer and business person, gives me unique insight into understanding the business needs of holistic providers.

My niche is my mission:

My mission is to help holistic practitioners create sustainable financial freedom through business mentoring and marketing savvy that’s in line with their values.